I have years of experience in spiritual healing, astrology, and tarot, furthering my studies with the Holistic Arts Institute and Oak Astrology School

Prices are sliding scale (pay what you can)

All sessions currently virtual 



Personally tailored spiritual guidance including reiki, color healing, chakra balancing, tarot reading, sound healing, releasing/manifesting ritual, breathwork, and meditation

chart reading

Deep dive into your natal chart for insight on your personality, desires, tendencies, and ultimately, healing

tarot reading

3-card pull to gain insight on love, career, or personal self-development inquiries


Start your week in alignment as we breakdown the astrological weather, clear our chakras, and close with a breathwork meditation.

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I just wanted to reach out and tell you thank you for your amazing reading the other day! You touched on things that I was feeling but just couldn’t express it in words! You’re always so positive and upbeat which ultimately makes me want to keep trusting you. I appreciate you and can’t wait for our next session! 

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My session with Jazmin was amazing, she helped me realize that I’m the only one who can change my outcome and express myself. I was able to talk to my mom about how I felt and now we are in sync with each other, I’m not afraid to talk to her. I learned a lot from the session, I became more positive and confident in myself. Thank you Jazmin for my spiritual healing!

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During my session with Jazmin I was able to learn a lot more about myself, especially my role in my relationships and in this world. As I myself am starting to learn more about spirituality, Jazmin helped me kick-start my journey of self-discovery. She also explained the basics of chakras and chakra healing and provided me with a worksheet afterward with all of our insights that were discussed. I look forward to continue working with her, as her energy truly makes me feel happy, heard, and safe!