• Jazmin Kylene

the fool's journey

how long will I let a pattern be a pattern

how long will my senses be awakened by the scent of a cycle that’s never served me

why do I give the same answers to the same questions

how long until I ask another fucking question?

how long can happiness last if it is conditional

how long until I burn out

i’ve felt so much at once and suddenly nothing at all

how long until my vices lose their potency?

life teaches

and then life studies

i don’t believe in a universe that would test me

but I believe in a universe that prepares me

and watches intently as I maneuver through the obstacle course of becoming

i’m getting better each go round

i’m consulting the voice inside, I think she’s been here before

she seems to know what she’s doing

she’s stronger than me

she’s braver than me

until I surrender to her lead and find it was my strength all along

it was my bravery all along

i’m several distinct women all boldly at once

my shadow isn’t lesser than

she’s vital

she holds my fears, she holds my precautions

but she doesn’t hold me

it is my choice who I want to be;

all I can do is act accordingly

and expect a life that loves me

i step as I’m guided, and the path illuminates only one stone ahead

do I spend my time still, fixated on what I hope awaits me?

or do I take the next leap and find out for myself?

the fool’s journey

many timelines set on the same hour exist at once

it is within our own power to stay on the highest possible one

choose wisely

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