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Project Me: Letting Go of Control

There is bravery in surrendering to the unknown.

We are all our own best projects, and I’ve made it a commitment to consistently strive towards bettering myself and working on the things that I know will make my personal canvas all the more bright.

So to document the progress I’m making, I’ve decided that sharing my strides with a ‘Project Me’ blog series would help keep me accountable.

First task at hand: letting go of my incessant need for control.

It’s human nature to want to have a say in all that goes on in our lives, from what we eat to what we wear to how our careers play out. Some of us are control freaks, some live more freely, and some might think that they live freely but in actuality are closeted control freaks.

Dat me.

I pride myself in being calm and detached, open and receptive. But I also have these aspirations for my life and my career and go into full panic mode when any detail of my 13-step plan doesn’t play out to a T.

Then that spirals into anxiety, and consequently, a whole entire funk that I have to crawl myself out of.

I think an aspect of what seems so blissful about our childhoods when we reflect is the fact that we were so disconnected from the need to plot our next outcome, to make the right moves. As children, we’re present. And that’s the most aligned state a human can be in.

(and consequently, the most difficult.)

Sometimes, we create these ideals for ourselves and leave no wiggle room. We know what we want, we scrap all plan B’s, and we do everything we can to make it happen. And while being goal oriented and implementing visualization into our lives is an awesome and effective tool, we can also easily get stuck in them and fall out of alignment when life throws us any curveballs.

We have it all mapped out and suddenly, we’re hit with roadblocks and detours that we never planned for and do all that we can to avoid. But the gag is: when we create resistance against the direction that life, God, the universe, our guardian angels, or whatever it is that you believe in is trying to take us, we’ll continue stay in the same cycle.

Sometimes detours are meant to take us to our rightful destination. Sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us, but life does. Sometimes our paths unfold the exact way that they’re meant to and we won’t take the first step because it doesn’t look like how we imagined.

And that is exactly why we just need to let go and allow.

I’m sure we can all pinpoint a time in our past when we thought we wanted something, got something else, and soon after realized how grateful we were to get that something else.

So, sit with yourself and intuitively figure out what your purpose is.

Set forth a game plan on how you’re going to fulfill that purpose.

And then… let go and trust.

When you let go of control, you experience existing in the present moment and that’s the most powerful state one can be in. The past exists in our memories and the future exists in our imagination; all we have is now, and we should always strive to be in the now. You can use the now to work towards those very same goals, but you must also trust that as long as you’re chasing your purpose, you’re going to arrive exactly where you’re meant to.

And it might not be the same colors, the same landscape, the same job title, the same ethnicity that you thought it would be. But it is yours and it is perfect.

There’s an immense freedom that comes with flowing with life and remaining open to whatever achievement you have yet to unlock, and we won’t realize how much we’re blocking our own state of peace until we truly just loosen our grip and say y e s.

It’s easier said than done, and it’s a daily commitment, but it’s one worth making.

Are you brave enough to let go?

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