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Are You Ready To Own Your Power?

week 10 affirmations:

I am powerful I believe in my power I own my unique gifts


fun game: take a shot every time I say “power” in this email because I am assuming it will be a lot.

while the moon in cancer may have left us feeling nostalgic and emotional over the weekend, the astrological weather has shifted into polar opposite energy. on tuesday, this fiery new moon in leo will be the exact push that we need in order to move away from identifying with our power and into owning our power— trust me when I say, there’s a difference.

identifying with our power looks a bit like when we call ourselves goddesses, kings, queens. we say it to uplift a friend who posted a fire selfie on the gram, when we’re feeling ourselves, or after we triumph a goal and want to celebrate our bravery. these are all valid forms of expression, but truthfully, we’ve watered down what it means to really be sacred. to be powerful. to be a god, a goddess, a king, a pharaoh, a leader, an empowered human being. 

we’ve gotten comfortable with declaring our power, but this leo new moon is urging us to stand in our power.

not “step into” our power, or transition into a place of leadership. it’s time to recognize that we are already the mighty beings we’ve worked so hard to become. our glory already pulses through our veins, desperately waiting for us to recognize it.

a reason why this is a much more difficult energy for us to embrace is because standing in our power means believing in our power, and that isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to us. we’ve been programmed by our own egos to question our capability and be hyperaware of what everyone else is thinking about us. are they judging me? do they think I’m failing? am I not as beautiful or capable as who I compare myself to?

but while every god/goddess in history differs immensely in their individual gifts, a common thread found in all of their stories is that they never questioned their power. they never questioned whether they were enough, or compared who they were to anyone around them. so why would you?

fortune favors the brave. it’s time to let go of fear, insecurity, feelings of inadequacy. you can have anything you want and be anything you want because you are.

leaders of ancient times played pivotal roles in their societies because they stood firmly in who they were and offered their unique gifts to the world simply by existing in them. they didn’t need certain goals checked off their to-do list, accolades, or accomplishments in order to activate their power; their power came from their sheer fucking existence.

they were figures that represented war, art, love, femininity, knowledge, communication, music, mystery, rage, revolution, the list goes on and on. they know who they were and never strived to be anything otherwise.

in present-day, we can have the same impact within the roles we play in our own social environments! we are the modern-day gods and goddesses. we lead those who have eyes on us by standing in our unique energy and boundless power. we all have individual interests, strengths, and talents that help define us, things about us that cannot be replicated.

this leo new moon is a time to look within and hone in on how you’d like to be seen. what do you want to radiate from your presence? what do you want the world to immediately associate you with when they think of you? what does your power look like?

you can get clear on this by cultivating your god/goddess mission statement. when you google aphrodite, it will show you that she is the greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. when you google achilles, it will show you that he is the greek god of bravery and war. when you google yemaya, it will show you that she is the african goddess of home, fertility, and family. it’s time to get clear on yours.

for anyone looking for guidance on how to cultivate your goddess mission statement and activate your divine inner feminine, I’ve made a video all about it here. but as for mine, I stand boldly in knowing that I Am the Goddess of Mysticism and Truth-Seeking. what about you?

there is no soil more fertile for intention setting, so get clear on your mission statement and own it. plant the seeds necessary to honor who you are when you are empowered and commit to them.

✨🖤 journaling prompts 🖤✨ (first prompt courtesy of Goddess Council’s morning journaling sessions) what are your unique gifts? how does the world get the experience these gifts? who are you when you are empowered? what is your god/goddess mission statement?


tyla’s recent instagram reflection: 

I’ve been referred to as “kid” my whole life. My dad calls me kid as a nickname to this day (& I wouldn’t have it any other way). Growing up I was the youngest in my grade, graduating high school a few months after turning 17. I was the youngest in all of my groups of friends, youngest at all of my jobs and the youngest in my family. I’m conditioned to feel like the young kid. At the beginning of this year I realized how much this conditioning really effected me. It was like I couldn’t see how much I had now labeled myself as a kid even into my mid-late 20’s (note the power of words!) and how I only saw myself as a kid. It became really important to me to view myself as a woman rather than the “kid” like I had been doing my entire life, so that I could step into my power and embrace all the things that come with being just that, a powerful woman. Some people say that in your late 20’s you go through a second phase of “puberty” or transformation and man, I can surely attest to that. I have claimed my independence, treaded through the uncomfortable muddy trenches of growth and slipped right into the throne that belongs to the powerful woman that I am. Confident, strong, passionate, kind, graceful, peaceful & determined to help other woman recognize their same worth. In a few short weeks I’ll celebrate my 27th year on this earthly plane, and although I’ll ALWAYS be a kid at heart, I’m excited to show up as a WOMAN.

that resonated deeply with my childish ass lmao. hope everyone is doing the best that they can and taking care of themselves in the ways only they know how ✨ love and light to each and every one of you.

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