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Are You Ready To Manifest?

week 8 affirmations:

I am sacred I allow my emotions to flow I honor the largeness inside of me, no matter how I fear it


happy sunday!!!

if you’re feeling incredibly nostalgic and like your emotions are a whirlpool with no means of escape, there’s (obviously) a cosmic reason for it. on Monday, July 20th at 1:33PM EST, we will have a new moon in cancer!!!

cancer is ruled by the moon, so this energy is… palpable.

while i’ll get into the details of how we can use this energy to our advantage, I want to right off the bat say that this new moon is above all else calling for rest. you’ve been doing so much great work on a personal and collective level and not a single ounce of it has gone unnoticed! 

but when our computers are overworked, the fan quickly goes on to stop it from overheating. it knows when it’s time to cool down, it knows when it needs rest. it’s begging to be turned off, just like our own internal modem does some times.

our internal fans have been on and it’s time to use this watery energy to float a bit. answer less phone calls with conversations you don’t have the energy to carry. keep your weekends sacred and save the hustle for Monday. disconnect from social media stimulation and spend time doing what brings your soul ease.

the reason why this period of rest is so crucial is that it will allow for the decluttering of distraction and overstimulation of all that is outside of us in order to hear a bit more clearly what is inside of us.

new moons are the best time to manifest, and this moon is no exception, but we want to make sure we’re manifesting from a place of clarity.  clarity is crucial when manifesting not only so that we know what our soul truly desires, but also so that we have the ability to get specific. sprinkle some details on that manifestation, honey! your cosmic waiter is waiting to take your order and if you want to substitute the regular fries for sweet potato fries and have the sauce on the side, you better speak up about it now.

the sign of cancer brings to the surface themes surrounding family, stability, relationships, emotional security, and all that invokes our senses and sensitivities. with how dense the energy has been lately, as you can probably infer, this manifesting period is more about *surprise, surprise* manifesting inward growth and less about manifesting material gain. 

there’s still room for the material goods that you want! but instead of asking for that new car, ask for emotional fulfillment in your career that will allow you to feel passionate about work again, where you’ll easily find success and rack up enough money to get that new car. the universe will smooth out all of the edges along the way, and you may even get a discount just for abiding by energetic law. 

now is the time to manifest a tidy inward environment where we feel the safest and most authentic, which will thus be mirrored in our outward environment. how you feel about yourself will directly be reflected by how others view you, and how you feel about life will directly be reflected by your physical environment.

what quality of people do we want to be? what quality of relationships do we want to have? what’s important for us to feel emotionally secure? which aspects of our lives should we intend to keep more sacred? 

during a journaling session with Goddess Council, a beautiful soul shared “I cannot do any work to improve the quality of the collective if the quality of my direct life is not of the utmost peaceful regard.“ number one, umm hi Gandhi??? number two, this rings true on multiple layers! we can’t manifest anything in the 3D reality if our emotional reality is messy and cluttered.  

cancer is all about home, and we are our homes. our bodies are our temples. it’s important to make sure we’ve done our own sweeping before we go out power-washing the streets.

it’s also important not to shrink ourselves or feel bounded by thinking small! the moon being in a water sign denotes a dream-like atmosphere, where it’s easy to think “am I just fantasizing about something that’s unrealistic?” but nO!!!!! NO YOU ARE NOT!

we’ll never not be scared of our own power, that’s just a product of our conditioning. but bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it’s acknowledging fear and pressing forward nonetheless! there is no dream too big or too trivial, no idea you’re incapable of exploring. do yourself a favor and say yes. be willingly courageous so that whatever makes you nervous will no longer have power over you.

this is a beautiful energy to bask in! and honestly, we deserve to be a manifesting period. we’ve been doing so much inner work, it’s time we gave in to our imagination and allowed ourselves to explore all the possibilities. the world is yours, my love. 

🖤 ✨ journaling prompts ✨ 🖤 

what are some things I can make more sacred in my life? my meals, my body, my sundays? how will I do it? what do I need in order to feel safe/stable/secure in my relationships, my career, or my health? am I honoring that?  how can I take better care of myself? what does being powerful mean to me?


the incredibly talented tyler's recent lyrics:

You’ll never lose you either gain a win or gain a lesson  Tomorrow’s no guarantee Nostra said it before he died  And light and darkness cannot exist on the same side  But I’m choosing to live free filled with joy while I’m still alive  The voices raised up and said that I couldn’t do it they lied


I pray you all boldly step into the selves that you’ve always been and continue to lift each other up in the meantime. love, light, and protection to each and every one of you ✨

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