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Are You Ready To Evolve?

week 6 affirmations:

I am choosing a life I love I am committed to my evolution everything is working out best-case scenario 


hi (gender neutral) qweens!!!!! I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves so that we can continue taking care of each other!

the planets are doing the absolute most as usual and june has been one of the most impactful months astrologically out of the entire year, but I’m sure you’ve already felt that. 

there’s a very clear and distinct theme in the current weather forecast and it is one of choices.  

new moons always mark a time of planning, manifesting, and planting the seeds. 

but with the *clears throat* new moon solar eclipse, summer solstice, mercury stationing retrograde, as well as political uprooting and forced isolation, it’s clear this time is unlike any other. 

the intentions that we set and the seeds that we plant aren’t just for this lunar cycle. we are in an extremely delicate time where the veil is unfathomably thin and the decisions that we make hold more weight and permanence than we can even comprehend.  

not to be dramatic, but like srsly. 

we’re not planning for the next two weeks. we’re planning for who we want to be in our next stage of personal evolution and the world in which we’ll be living in. 

we live in a participatory universe and what we choose to believe as truth is directly reflected in our environment and experience. 

life requires us to actively participate. how we choose to react to annoyances, how we feel when we wake up, how we perceive trying times, and who we choose to be are all conscious decisions that we make in every waking moment. 

what is outside of our control we must trust is being taken care of, will work out best-case scenario, and unfold exactly as it’s meant to. 

but when it comes to what is within our control, hold yourself accountable. taking back our power means stepping into our choices. 

what choice are you going to make? are you choosing to fully step into your value, your purpose, your best and highest self? or are you choosing to let the fear of failure, rejection, and judgment keep you stagnant? 

whether it’s a committed relationship, a dream career, or even a social revolution, we see things for ourselves that we know we want and deserve. 

but oftentimes as we get closer to it or it begins to manifest, we let our egos talk us down and convince us it’s too difficult, too good to be true, or that we are undeserving. 

can I really be in the relationship of my dreams, though it’d cost me vulnerability and venturing outside of my comfort zone?

can I really be confident in my skin, though it’d cost me a supportive inner dialogue and commitment to my health?

can we really lead the social, political, and economical revolution, though it’d cost us vigor and vast amounts of unlearning? 

it’s not just a matter of manifesting the life we want and the things we desire. the most important part is the choice we make afterward to act accordingly. 

we can’t live in a 5D world with a 3D mindset, just like we can’t step into our evolved selves while stuck in outdated cycles and beliefs that hold us back. 

just like traveling physically, baggage is always going to slow you down. let go of your old ways of life in order to step into this new one. 

we owe each other the commitment to actively be our best selves and live in our highest possible timelines. when one of us raises our vibration, it ripples out to the rest of the collective, one by one. if we each individually step into our power and stand firm in the belief that the universe is working for and with us, the world will begin to mirror that. 

if any of you resonate with guided meditations, I made one that leads you through the process of acclimating to the best possible reality.

because whether you choose to believe it or not, the world is going through a rebirth and permanent shift in consciousness, with or without you.  will you choose to stay behind or will you choose to take the leap? 

🖤  journaling prompts 🖤 

what are the biggest lessons life has taught me up to this point? how can I apply these lessons to the life I desire to live? list 10 powerful "I choose" statements (i.e. I choose to exercise patience, I choose to live a life I love)


the wonderful hannah joy's journal entry:

I had been running away from darkness for so long, that when I finally stopped and sat with it, I forgot to continue chasing the light.  I had been telling myself that pain is a teacher for so long that I forgot that joy was the lesson plan. I had accepted that the world was broken long enough to forget that I could be the one to fix it.  I had believed that pain was a right of passage and I had forgotten that joy was our birthright.  I have been running in a race against my 14- year- old self. The one who embodied what it meant to be Hannah Joy. The girl who’s joy was contagious and her laugh was music to her own ears. The one who preached self- love because she knew nothing else. The one with innocence and a zest for life with every breath. I have been competing with her at the game of who can be happier. Mad at the fact that I’m loosing.  Only to realize: she’s me. And I am her. Except now, I am older, wiser, braver, and running with some bruises on me. And she’s proud of me, Hannah Joy, because now I am not just joyful because that’s who I am, but because I’m choosing to be joyful. And not despite the pain, but because of the pain. And for the first time, I can stop running the race. I can stop competing with her. I can just be. Screw the finish line. The race has already been won.

thank you for doing your best! love, light, and protection to each and every one of you.

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