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Are You Ready To Dream?


I am intuitive I am limitless I am connected to all that is


hello my little ladybugzzzz!!!! this astro-update newsletter typically comes out on sundays but I took the weekend to honor myself by resting and eating many, many falafels. HOWEVER, I’m here now because I couldn’t nOT talk about the full moon in pisces happening on wednesday, september 2nd at 1:23 AM because…. I mean, wow.

pisces energy is the most magical of the signs. as a water element, it’s boundless and free-flowing like the sea, inviting us to demolish all barriers when we daydream. while other signs tend to err on practicality, pisces energy doesn’t understand what it means to limit yourself. and why should it?

full moon periods typically invite releasing rituals, so allow yourself to hone in on what is making you feel like you need to limit your belief in yourself and the life you deserve and desire. are there draining voices surrounding you that aren’t supportive? does your own personal fear or insecurity stop you from taking a leap of faith?  

pisces is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, which is why it’s often referred to as the wisest. it’s able to harness all the lessons that every sign preceding it teaches and turn it into something all the more beautiful. taking into account what all the seasons we've endured have taught us, a full moon in this sign calls for a final release of cycles and beliefs that have overstayed their welcome and keep us small.

feeling everything at full capacity, pisces is also known as one of the most sensitive energies of the zodiac (though cancer and sagittarius are clOSE competitors, u crybabies lolz). while many zodiac signs run away from emotion, pisces dives headfirst into it. it doesn’t differentiate between love and pain, strife and fluidity. it recognizes an emotion and experiences it at full volume, because there is a greater purpose that lies within it.

it feels held by its emotions like our heavy bodies are held by water when we allow ourselves to just float. if emotions you may not feel comfortable with surface this week, feel your way through them. don’t judge them, or act on them, just let them move through you. allow yourself to just… float.

it’s through feeling all of the things that we’re able to simply be better humans. life has a brighter vibrancy when you’re not numbed by a one-dimensional experience. we understand each other more and can connect deeper when we don’t run away from the full spectrum of emotion.

and lastly, a HUGE theme with this pisces full moon is intuition, one of the most important tools gifted to us during our human experience that we need to embrace. a truth we must allow ourselves to ingest is this: we all have psychic ability. there are no chosen ones. we’re all chosen and we all have accessibility to senses that can’t be defined by tangible or physical means, it’s all simply a matter of if you’re choosing to believe in it. if you’re choosing to care for it, cultivate it, strengthen it, and USE it.

I invite you to not seek advice, at least for this week. before asking your friends how to navigate an issue or a decision they think you should make— turn inward. let your inner compass be your own greatest counsel. we always know which decisions feel intuitively right, which ones rest easy on our chests. trust in your own voice and be empowered in the knowing that all the answers you constantly seek already exist within.

and if you do choose to believe in a higher power, whether you call it the universe, God, Spirit, Allah, your spirit guides, or Yahweh, deepen your dialogue with them this week. the veil between us and what we cannot see is much thinner during pisces energy, so know that while you are always heard, you essentially have a like, metaphysical megaphone right now.

✨🖤 journaling prompts 🖤✨

what is my intuition telling me I need right now? how have I been limiting my dreams? who am I at my fullest potential?


adi o nai's reflection: 

This moment humanity is going through can now be seen as a portal and as a hole. The decision to fall into the hole or go through the portal is up to you. If you repent of the problem and consume the news 24 hours a day, with little energy, nervous all the time, with pessimism, you will fall into the hole. But if you take this opportunity to look at yourself, rethink life and death, take care of yourself and others, you will cross the portal. Take care of your homes, take care of your body. Connect with your spiritual House. When you are taking care of yourselves, you are taking care of everything else. Do not lose the spiritual dimension of this crisis; have the eagle aspect from above and see the whole; see more broadly. There is a social demand in this crisis, but there is also a spiritual demand - the two go hand in hand.

Without the social dimension, we fall into fanaticism. But without the spiritual dimension, we fall into pessimism and lack of meaning. You were prepared to go through this crisis. Take your toolbox and use all the tools available to you.

Learn about resistance of the indigenous and African peoples; we have always been, and continue to be, exterminated. But we still haven't stopped singing, dancing, lighting a fire, and having fun. Don't feel guilty about being happy during this difficult time.

You do not help at all being sad and without energy. You help if good things emanate from the Universe now. It is through joy that one resists. Also, when the storm passes, each of you will be very important in the reconstruction of this new world.

You need to be well and strong. This has nothing to do with alienation.

This is a resistance strategy. In shamanism, there is a rite of passage called the quest for vision. You spend a few days alone in the forest, without water, without food, without protection. When you cross this portal, you get a new vision of the world, because you have faced your fears, your difficulties.

What world do you want to build? Serenity in the storm. Calm down, and pray every day.

What you emanate now is the most important thing. Sing and dance. Resist through art, joy, faith, and love.

please let his words marinate for as long as they need to. hope everyone is doing the best that they can and taking care of themselves in the ways only they know how ✨ love and light to each and every one of you.

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