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Are You Ready To Believe In Magic?

week 9 affirmations:

I am limitless I honor my individuality I believe in magic; I am magic


“lead, or be led astray.” 

hearing President Beyoncé utter these words during my (first of……… several) viewings of Black Is King really impacted me. it’s a belief that we can and should carry with us in every avenue of life; whether it be career, love, or simply the journey of becoming.

with the sun moving into leo and a brand new month being born right before our eyes, stepping into our personal power and figuring out what leadership looks like for us is heavily supported. there’s a huge theme of new: new mindsets, new ideas, new energies. you can’t deny that things feel much more playful than they did last month, when we were *literally* drowning in cancer season tears.

but what’s most exciting is that on monday, august 3rd at 11:59 AM, we will be gifted a full moon in aquarius, which also helps in marking a huge shift.

aquarius energy always delivers the courage needed to step into your individuality and embody your personal truth. if there are things about yourself that you are reluctant to fully embrace because of the fear of judgment or public acceptance, oh honey…. it is t i m e to let that go. we are all little aliens doing our little alien thing and we need your individual shades glitter to keep our canvas colorful.

us showcasing proudly to the world who we are authentically (not who we are when we play it safe) is how we will help lead the new world. does that sound ambitious? yes! but Beyoncé would never want you to think small!!!

dying your hair the color that you want, bringing your out-of-the-box ideas into tangible reality, or even exploring your sexuality gives permission for those watching you to step into their own self-expression as well. it’s all a ripple effect, and you never never n e v e r know which set of eyes are on you. 

we lead by example. we lead by being proud of who we are. we lead by being loud and speaking up for what is we believe in. we lead by following our own laws, moral compass, and inner government. we lead by admitting fault but doing our best. we lead by being.

we are led astray by succumbing to the fears of public perception. we are led astray by people-pleasing. we are led astray by subscribing to beliefs that are forced upon us without the proper reflection. we are led astray by placing our value on acceptance. we are led astray by following.

this shift in energetic tides also brings about the notion of believing in magic, and even more so, believing in the magic of right now. so many of us rely on what the future will bring in order to be happy, but in actuality: you create the future as you live it. right now is the future you yearned for in the past and the future will be your present moment once you arrive. 

you have the power to make right now as magical as it possibly can be by dressing it in all the colors that you like. by choosing to see it as a gift and seeing yourself as a protagonist. you can even add a laughtrack, sis.

this change in perception will help move us into a place where things just are. to move away from labeling people, situations, and feelings as “good” or “bad” and simply accepting things as what they are. the more we train ourselves to view life’s less desirable moments as opportunities for growth, lessons in disguise, and challenges that helped us evolve, the more we shift into a space of presence and bliss.

it’s the challenges in the fairytales that advance the story, and I don’t know anyone who desires stagnancy. 

and whether you see them as your fairy godmothers, ancestors, angels, or anything in between, the celestial support is always there and will teach you the lessons you’re meant to learn in your very own language. pay attention to the synchronicities life is presenting to you; you are always being guided.

hold the vision, believe in the magic, and continue being you. if it has purpose and pure intention, do it without expectation because the fruits of your labor will be riper then you can ever even imagine.

✨🖤 journaling prompts 🖤✨

create 5 laws for your inner government (ex. I shall not judge myself or another based on physical appearance, I shall not allow fear to stop me from creating, etc.) 

what makes me unique?

how do I want to lead? which lessons do I want whoever is watching me to learn?


I asked my beautiful and amazing Eclectic Conversations cohosts Jonathan and Giancarlo to share how they’re feeling, and these were their reflections:

Jonathan: A time of transition and immense reflection. They say we evolve to a new stage of life every 7 years and this happens to be my 28th year. With this fresh evolution, I've experienced a legal battle, a commitment to passion, and a hyper-focus on my priorities. It's like I'm maturing in areas that desperately needed growth so I can become even more balanced than before.

Giancarlo: At this moment I feel anxious about the next step in my academic career. I am ready to graduate, but I must make sure that I have completed the supplemental work, and as I review the checklist I recognize that I have a few things left. I recognize I did not dive into my feelings of anxiety (as my definition of anxiety is different). I define anxiety as this drive to do something in order to feel balanced. I might be doing too much to "feel" balanced, which is actually making me feel more imbalanced than anything. 

kings of seeing balance!!!!! sending each and every one of you all my love. let yo freak flag fly.

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