• Jazmin Kylene

Are You Prioritizing Play?

weekly affirmations:

I am embracing innocence. I am giving myself permission to play. I am always exploring.

hi lovelies! I hope each and every one of you is taking care of yourself and doing as well as you possibly can, even if that means doing literally nothing and eating yogurt!!!

in this period of stillness, there’s no opportunity better-suited to deep dive into our own healing. since I’ve found that almost all of my friends are actively working on themselves, why not make a safe, guided space where we can do it together?

i’ve found that the layers of our being can be broken down into four categories: our higher selves, our inner child, our sexual alter egos, and our shadow selves. it’s important to develop a healthy relationship with each of these layers, and give them their due time and energy. If you neglect one or embrace another excessively, you’ll be completely off balance and lack stability in your emotions.

in these coming weeks, I’ll reflect one by one on what I’m doing to deeply connect and cultivate a healthy relationship with each part of myself, and encourage all of you guyz to do it along with me!

with the sun in Aries (the babies of the zodiac, y’all be so childish) and the moon in Pisces (the daydreamers, the creatives) there’s no better time to work on our relationships with our inner children.

none of us were born with insecurities, anxiety, or the looming doom of “getting it together,” which allowed us to be our most authentic selves. we were curious, we were expressive, and most importantly, we were present.

I’m choosing to believe that I have yet to peak (or that I’ll just forever ride a Plateau of Glow©) but if there’s an age I can confidently say I felt like my best self in, it would probs be 14. I was unapologetic about who I was, never questioned the value of my leisure time, and wore neon skinny jeans!!!!

there’s no productivity in sulking over how cool of an 8th grader I was, but there’s something beautiful about reflecting on which parts of me I admired most and making the effort to reintegrate them into who I am now.

the kid that lives inside you never went away! they just desperately want to be cared for. so what can you do to nourish your inner 5, 8, or 12-year-old? 

for me, it means not guilting myself when I spend time doing something that isn’t directly contributing to my future. it means wearing brighter colors and listening to music that made me happy in elementary school. it means going to dance class and eating peanut butter on a spoon because that shit slaps.

what can you do to care for yours? can you draw again, play a sport you love, or start a fashion instagram because you’ve always loved clothes? can you read more, bake more, sing more?

and what can you do psychologically for yours? can you be more curious, less hard on yourself, and more willing to step into your confidence and sheer eccentricity? can you stray from the need to make everything a side hustle and just do the things that bring you joy because they do?

journal prompts

if I could choose an age to be immortalized in, which would it be? why? 

what would I be spending most of my time doing if money/stability didn’t matter?

who did I want to be when I grew up?

anna’s reflection: “I cater to my inner child by letting my innermost thoughts and desires win. I have a doll that looks like me that my therapist gave me, and she told me to always stick up for her. always be her advocate in ways that you were let down as a child.” oooo chile. i felt dat.

enjoy your sunday and stay healthy! know that I’m rooting for u queen. and that self-healing is a non-linear, never-ending project but it’s a commitment worth making :)

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