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Are You Patiently Planning?

week 4 affirmations:

I am capable  I am supported by divine timing  I am brand new


quick inquiry, does anyone else feel like they’ve been bouncing from emotion to emotion? dizzy from their own mood swings? feeling on top of the world with a 50-pound weighted vest on????? just me?

the shift of the tides comes as gemini season was ushered in with quite a powerful new moon this past friday, wiping our slates completely clean and breathing some fresh air into our lives.

it’s fun to collectively panic over mercury in gatorade (which will be coming soon) but with three MAJOR planets going retrograde this past week, so much of our focus is being forced inward. it’s calling us to rework what needs adjustment for the new timeline our lives are shifting into.

what do we want our lives to look like when we return to our new normal? who do we want to be on the other side of this? what dreams and goals are we finally going to prioritize? what do I need to do to prepare? it'll look different for each and every one of us depending on where your focus in life is right now. whether it's career goals, relationship goals, self-development goals, or all of the above, now is the time to get clear. my mind can get scattered and caught up in the gritty details of how I plan to execute all of my dreams and heal all of my wounds when in reality, all we really need to do is plant the bigger seeds. we’ll have plenty of time to map out the step by step, but right now, we’re being encouraged to just lay down the basic blueprint. set the intention for the end goal and slowly work our way backward.

you want to overcome your battle with anxiety? set the intention and trust that it's yours. you want to host a podcast? set the intention and trust that it's yours. you want to tone and build muscle in your body? set the intention and trust that it's yours! you may feel extra motivated to pUt dAt acTioN action behind it right away, but if there’s anything true about this retrograde season, it’s that it’s not a time of action but a time to patiently plot our next moves.

retrogrades call us to review, revisit, renew. take the pressure off of yourself and recognize that there's always a first step in any process.

instead of the usual ~journaling prompts~ I organized some questions to ask yourself that fall perfectly in alignment with the energy of each retrograde. whether you want to answer them all in one sitting or take your time over the course of the season is totes your call, but allow yourself to be as honest with yourself as possible.

and allow them to serve as guidance for what is dead weight, what needs tweaking, what you want to set an intention for, and what you desperately need to let go of.

venus retrograde:

the planet of relationships, the divine feminine, and all things pretty, venus being in retrograde is calling us to review our partnerships, desires, and what beautifies our life.

what do I value?

what makes me feel beautiful externally?

what makes me feel beautiful internally?

what role do I want to play in my relationships?

what do I value in a relationship?

what do I need right now?

what “superficial” desires do I deserve more of?

what do I want in a partner?

saturn retrograde:

seen as the stern father figure who is constantly on your ass about something but only because they love you (🙄), saturn being in retrograde is calling us to get our shit together once and for all.

what vices do I need to stop relying on?

what are my fears?

how am I holding myself back?

what is externally holding me back?

where do I need more boundaries?

what am I holding onto because of the fear of letting it go?

where do I need more balance in my life?

jupiter retrograde:

jupiter is the Beyoncé of the planets, I’m just gonna say it. the planet of expansion and blessings is calling us to review how we can live our lives in the most authentic way possible.

what do the things/people/patterns I attract say about me?

what is my belief system?

do I act in alignment with this belief system?

what makes me authentically happy?

what action can I take towards my purpose?

what are the little things that make my life jovial?

how can I step out of my comfort zone?


chloé's reflection: There are moments throughout this time and space that we are in where I find myself getting incredibly sad. Sometimes I can’t even pin it to a cause and I find myself wondering why it is that I’m feeling this way. I’m all for being self-aware but the same way that you can try to inorganically get information from someone or pry into their emotions; you can do the same to yourself. So, instead of trying to get the root of the problem right then and there, I show myself some compassion. I nurture my body and allow it to go through the motions of feeling sad. I make sure to show myself extra love and through those actions usually I’ll find my answer in a gentler way. Taking the day easy and listening to what your heart and body want. If I feel the need to stay in bed, I’ll get up, make myself breakfast, have a relaxing shower and use some essential oils to boost my mood, put on a fresh and comfortable outfit and then get back in bed. I usually take a journal with me to incase I need to write something on a whim. It can sound like a big task but taking it little by little and doing whatever makes it feel like I am giving myself a big hug can allow the trapped feelings manifesting in my body to easily flow out. Whatever it is that I do to find release, it is in those moments in which I am nurturing and being kind to myself that I can identify the reasons why I am sad. Stepping up to be with your emotions takes and brings a lot of power so always applaud yourself for that. continue to be patient with yourselves and know that you are supported and loved! thank you thank you thank you.

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