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Are You Letting Yourself Let Go?

week 3 affirmations: I release what no longer serves me I am letting go in order to make room for new I honor the ebb and flow of life


I hope we’re all standing strong after that scorpio full moon because I for one… am still recovering.

being the last supermoon of the year, it truly exacerbated all of the inner shadow work we were beginning to peel back these last two weeks. we’re left with virtually no choice but to look in the eye what is stagnant in our lives and bid it farewell.

but with venus entering retrograde this week, reevaluating what we want out of and value in our relationships is also becoming a huge theme. hand in hand with the scorpio moon helping to release, these two energies combined can help us clear out what we want to rid and get clear on what we want to bring in.

we can’t manifest new, shiny things when our energetic drawers are filled with junk. just like spring cleaning has become a tradition for our physical environments, we’ve gotta do some spring cleaning inwardly as well.

the most mind-fucking part of the process is that sometimes we don’t even realize we’ve been holding onto half of the stuff we’ve been holding onto. in my personal experience (we’re getting vUlnErabLE ladiez) I was fully convinced that I loved myself and would never budge on my self-worth.

but truthfully, it’s easy to say you love yourself when there’s no situation or person testing that belief. when life places you in situations that force the inner work you’ve done to play out in front of you, the real work begins. will you succumb to a demeaning inner dialogue and insecurities? or will you stay true to the person you’ve fought so hard to become? you know your worth, but will you honor it?

we hold on so tightly to things we’d be better off without due to the fear of the unknown or stepping outside of our comfort zones. but pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is where growth actually happens!

so is your burden an outdated inner belief? a draining relationship? a toxic coping mechanism? is it pushing back a passion project you fear might fail, or pushing away a person you assume will eventually disappoint you?

allow yourself to be honest with yourself. loosening your grip on something with sharp edges will feel like the biggest sigh of relief.

and finally, what I’ve found most important to note, is that simply setting the intention behind the person, belief, or habit that you want to release can sometimes be enough. life honors intention. unloading years worth of resistance isn’t going to happen overnight, but as long as you continue to make the choices in alignment with that intention, the universe will help you heal and handle the rest. 

journal prompts breathe deeply and take a moment to visualize your best life and best self. what aspects/beliefs of your current reality aren’t part of it? what am I desperately holding onto that no longer resonates with the life I desire? fill in the blanks: I am releasing ____ in order to invite in _____

last time we met a few of you shared your journal entries with me and I couldn’t have been more moved by your vulnerability. here are some honorable mentions:

alyssa’s letter to her shadow self: 

Dear Shadow Self, I feel your pain. I acknowledge and recognize you. You are not alone because I am with you. Shadow self, please remember how loved and supported you are. You are more than your shadow, you are infinite light and love expanded all across dimensions and eras. I love you more than you could ever know. Shadow self, look at how beautiful everything is around you. Even when you are pain, you are still glowing from under light a flashlight covered by a hand. It is hard to hide your true being. Shadow self, please remember how beautiful YOU are. You have come thus far and are still so selfless, that is exactly why it hurts so much. You deserve the absolute best and I am sorry you were unable to receive it when you needed it but please trust in divine timing. Divine timing has always been right. How many times have you prayed for an answer and you received tenfold of just the minimum you needed? You are guided, protected, loved, and served by the utmost highest frequency. Trust me, everything is going to be okay. Everything is working out best-case scenario.

ana’s journal prompt responses:

My self-love and self-worth have always been tricky for me. I’ve grown up constantly being told by my mom that I’ll be beautiful when I’m skinny or prettier if I straighten my hair and wear contacts. I’ve come to realize these constant pressures lead me to unsustainable diets and weight loss drugs that made me feel terrible. The constant straightening of my hair left it dry and brittle and overall it made me put conditions on my beauty. Although I can now recognize all of these things, it takes time to work through them and rewire my brain to forget these false agreements.  A friend once told me every time you think about one negative thing about yourself, think of 3 traits you love about yourself. I haven’t been implementing this recently but after this reflection, I will. Some traits I don’t like about myself are my heightened sensitivity, paranoia, and how hard it is for me to let things be and realize I can’t control it all. The only thing I can control is my thoughts, my words, and my actions. Some traits i love about myself are my work ethic, my ability to learn quickly, and how deeply I care for my loved ones. I love fiercely yet calmly and I love that balance. I am so grateful to be growing every day, breathing every day, and smiling every day.

I hope you all continue to be as gentle with yourselves as possible 🖤

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