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Are You Comfortable With Your Shadow Self?

week two affirmations:

I embrace all of my layers. I love myself unconditionally. I am content with imperfection. 

I am doing my best and my best is good enough.


the planets are at it aGAIn, y’all.

pluto has officially gone into retrograde, bringing in themes of rebirth and resurrection. in doing so, it’s triggering our shadow aspects, aka the parts of ourselves we deem “ugly” or are reluctant to confront.

this may feel like a direct attack but, if we allow ourselves to be open to it, we could come out of this five-month phase as new and improved versions of ourselves!

it’s important to develop a healthy relationship with all of our layers, but it’s a lot harder to accept the parts of us we’ve been taught to hide versus our playful child self or our angelic higher self.

take this time as an opportunity to let your shadow self be heard. if you’re not tryna hear it, I feel you, but the only way out is through. ignoring, stifling, or numbing our “dark” feelings won’t help them heal; feeling them and learning from them will. 

I recently saw this tweet:

and was like, girl…. yes.

being the best version of yourself is far from a stable experience. you’ll have days where you feel like you’ve healed it all, and days where you’ll feel like you literally ended up back at square one. but the idea of alignment equating to constant butterflies and rainbows ain’t it.

no growth can come from shaming ourselves for having messy emotions that are raw and real. we hold ourselves to standards that aren’t unrealistic because we’re comparing our human selves to filtered social media facades, all the while our mess is lowkey the secret to our divinity.  

there’s this belief that we need to hurry up and heal our shadow selves so that we can step into our best and higher selves, but our best and higher selves wouldn’t exist without our shadow aspects!

you can’t embody your inner sexual being without being comfortable with your inner child. you can’t be your boss bitch self without understanding your triggers and dissecting your traumas. it’s all about mastering your duality, finding the balance, and acknowledging the fact that the things you don’t necessarily like about yourself are still a part of you. it all stems from somewhere, and the more willing you are to get to the roots, the easier it will be to release the baggage.

my shadow self brings up issues regarding self-worth, vulnerability, and surrendering control. while residing in my comfort zone would mean me ignoring the fact that these are things I struggle with and instead honing in on the things I’m good at, like cultivating community or taking mirror selfies, I am now deciding to take ownership.

so what’s one aspect you can push yourself to take ownership of this week? are you cynical, needy, or overindulgent? do you harbor resentment, have issues taking accountability, or tend to be overly idealistic?

face what you tend to push away, forgive yourself for thinking you were any less magnificent for it, and stand in the power of simply being human. our imperfections are what make us perfect.

🖤  journal prompts 🖤 

what conditions do I require of myself in order to love myself? (do you love yourself only when you’re productive, at a certain weight, in a certain headspace?) 

what are the traits I wish I didn’t have? how can I instead pour more love into them?

envision your shadow self and write a letter of forgiveness, compassion, and understanding to them. (read this back to yourself whenever you go through emotional lows!)

coleah’s reflection: for me, the biggest thing I’m battling, but challenging myself to overcome, is how to forgive myself. I think that’s a fundamental part that sometimes is missing from teachings of self-healing. you must not only be able to acknowledge your toxic traits in order to work on them, but forgive yourself for your ignorance in those moments. allow yourself to understand that those were “mistakes” you made that molded you into the self-serving being that you are. standing in a stronger, more enlightened version of yourself.  being aware that you have toxic traits to work on is the first step and that’s the power of evolving. forgiveness is the completion. knowing ~ seeing ~ forgiving ~ accepting ~ learning how to change to grow.

a spoken word. i hope you all have a beautiful sunday and be as easy on yourselves as possible

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