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Are You Answering The Call?

week 7 affirmations:

 I am who I was always meant to be I am doing the work what I seek is seeking me


I start off every one of these talking about how the planets are at their most chaotic but if you don’t believe me, h o n e s t l y just look around. is there anything normal about what’s going on, personally AND globally? as above, so below my friends.  

this weekend marks the last eclipse of the season, with a capricorn full moon in lunar eclipse making the final and permanent changes that leave you with no choice but to embody the person you were always meant to be. I can’t stress enough how intense this energy is.

along with so many major planets, including mercury, in retrograde, we’re being called to evaluate what our goals are and ask ourselves if we really have what it takes to commit to them (spoiler alert: you’ve always had what it takes, it’s just a matter of showing up).

mars (the masculine planet of drive, action) has also moved into aries (the rebel, the child, the one who makes shit happen) and will be there for the next six months, lighting a fire underneath us we so desperately needed. we’ve been talking a lot of the talk, but it’s officially time to walk dat walk.

with so many moving parts in the astrological weather, it can really be hard to even hear your own breathing. but while this is an immense call to action, it doesn’t necessarily mean war.

life requires effort, but life also calls for simplicity. and effort does not necessarily mean challenge, it just means... effort.

it would be easy to stay in the same relationship you know you’ve outgrown but feels safe. it would be easy to work the same job that doesn’t ignite your soul in the slightest but keeps you financially stable. it would be easy to neglect your health and keep up the same outdated habits.  

stepping out of your comfort zone and into your power requires a bit more from you.

it would take effort to embrace the unknown of being single. it would take effort to build your dream career and truly believe in it. it would take effort to commit to your health and develop new habits that feel good.

but what is the reward? inner peace and aligning yourself with the relationship of you’ve always wanted. feeling fulfilled and getting paid to do what you love every single day. a body and mind you are the most confident and radiant in. 

it’s always worth it, choosing to live your best possible life on the highest possible timeline and putting in the effort to maintain it. but it takes trust, commitment, consistency. it takes effort.

but it doesn’t have to be hard. you can still find the simplicity in life amidst the chaos of becoming. we’ve always had this narrative pushed onto us that in life, we should expect things to be difficult. that relationships are hard work and you need to toughen up now in order to endure the obstacles that are sure to find you, but truthfully, this concept is all a matter of perspective.

at one of our recent conversation parties, someone posed the question “is 2020 redeemable?” which immediately sparked a debate. many argued that just because this year required something from us so far out from our comfort zones doesn’t mean it was a bad year, and it’s something I’ve been silently reflecting on ever since.

while of course we honor all of the immense loss and hardships that this year has brought onto our global community, it’s a choice in perspective for us deem 2020 as a negative experience just because it wasn’t what we planned it to be. it forced us to go inward, it strengthened our unity as a collective, it made us more human. if you live in a world of duality, then sure, maybe you think it was bad. but if you choose to just take things as they are, then you’d see 2020 as a year where you simply… grew. learned. evolved.

what we wanted for ourselves before 2020 was probably wildly different than what we want for ourselves now because, throughout the strife, we’ve gained a deeper understanding of our true values and purpose. we gained the tools needed to embody this new truth. 

so how do we invite simplicity back into our lives when we’re faced with the upheaval of everything we once knew? 

simplicity is enjoying the journey there instead of waiting until you arrive to celebrate. 

simplicity isn’t waiting to become, but accepting that you already are.

simplicity is resting in the belief that you are always taken care of, and what is meant for you will always find you.

simplicity is prioritizing time to breathe, time to play, time to actually hear your own thoughts. that’s where the true revelations will reveal themselves. 

you are entitled and DESERVING of living a life you love! just because building it requires effort or growth from you doesn’t make it a negative experience.

moral of the story is: you got this. the call to action is now and you are perfectly capable of showing up. as long as you get clear on it and decide that it’s yours, the relationships, career, and life that you want are all materializing before you. so enjoy the ride in the meantime and allow yourself time to stop and smell the roses, or else what’s the point of this whole thing?

🖤  journaling prompts 🖤 

which lesson does life seem to keep trying to teach me? what’s stopping me from answering The Call? which of my goals/fundamental beliefs derive from my ego and which derive from my soul?  how have I grown from who I was in 2018? what do I have to do to be who I want to be in 2022?


the incredibly poetic asiri’s reflection:

going through so many journeys, taking notes, remembering moments, and writing them is kind of the artist’s journey. realizing the beauty of the trees and the wind blowing and being in tuned with self and the energy around is truly beautiful. life is a dream, and there are many canvases to paint on and be around or see. TGO is like my love and it’s “The Great Odyssey” cause that’s what life is to me. enjoying the world and others while finding a way to share energy and peace. being comfortable with self allows you to take on uncomfortable situations because self has to be standing strong enough to experience the uncomfortableness to evolve. that’s why I love butterflies.

I pray you all boldly step into the selves that you’ve always been and continue to lift each other up in the meantime. love, light, and protection to each and every one of you.

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