Let's just face it: as our generation becomes (more and more) dependent on a virtual connection, we're simultaneously become socially disconnected

Distancing ourselves from face to face interaction has made us awkward about being vulnerable, a key to organic human connection.

So what if we made it cool to connect again and like, actually talked?

From our conversation parties, to our interviews, to our group healing sessions, Lali La Luna TV is a platform for people all over the world to connect, express, and feel seen in a conscious manner.

We're all secretly going through the same things that we think we're alone in, so instead of using social media to compare our very real selves to each other's highlight reels, let's use it to remind ourselves that we're more alike than we think.



Jazmin Kylene is a conscious media journalist and spiritual counselor. 


Jazmin started her journalistic career as an intern at TV Guide Magazine. Her experience ranges from on-camera broadcast and radio journalism to print and digital media writing. Jazmin has written for various magazines, co-hosted an afternoon program on Miami's 99 Jamz, and interviewed stars such as Eva Longoria and Jason Mraz. 


After graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a major in Multimedia Journalism and minor in Sociology, she dove into broadcast media, hosting and interviewing music artists for Rep Yo City Television, which aired live weekly on Amazon TV.  Guided by her purpose, she created the conscious media platform Lali La Luna TV, garnering over thirty thousand views on YouTube and steaming in over four million homes on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon TV. 


As a natural intuitive, Jazmin has furthered her studies with the  Holistic Arts Institute and Oak Astrology school. Collaborating with outlets like Black Girl In Om and Ethel's Club, leading Sacred Healing Circles, designing a line of Color Healing merchandise, providing one-on-one natal chart and tarot readings, spiritual counseling sessions, and reiki healing, she hopes to spiritually empower those who seek her guidance.


Being biracial and bilingual, born to a Spanish mother and Black father, Jazmin has always been connected to her roots. Exploring the links between people and culture fuels much of Jazmin's passion and she hopes to incorporate this in her work.


Through her conscious voice and inquisitive mind, Jazmin Kylene plans to make a tangible difference in her generation. 


  Jazmin currently resides in Miami, Florida.